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Sweetie and Hezekiah

Hi, my name is Sweetie and I have the honor and pleasure of working with my best buddy and favorite human, Hezekiah. We’ve been together since I was a little guy. We drive an 18-wheeler all over the country delivering food and goods. I’m able to sit with Hezekiah in the truck and keep him company while we have lots of great adventures. We have so much fun together and we keep each other happy and healthy during our long road trips.

In October of 2014, my best buddy and I were making the long ride back home to Iowa from Texas when something very scary happened. Hezekiah became very sick and I wished so badly that I could make him better, but this wasn’t something petting, walks and wags could fix.

The veterinarian for humans said Hezekiah had a very serious illness called Gillian Barre Syndrome. I don’t know what that is, but I could sense things were going to change. Hezekiah couldn’t take me on walks anymore – he couldn’t even stand up anymore.

More than anything I wanted just one more walk with him. I missed our time together and it made me so sad and scared to see my friend in such pain. He was admitted to the hospital where he stayed for a whole month.

Luckily, Grandma let me stay with her. I would visit my best pal in the hospital whenever I could, even though it was a very scary place. I knew I had to muster the courage to visit because it made Hezekiah so happy to see me. If he had a tail like mine it would have been wagging every time I got to visit!

Finally Hezekiah was able to come home and I thought we’d get back to our normal life together, finding adventure on the open road! But the doctors told him he would have a very long recovery and that he may not be able to drive again.

Because we couldn’t work, we had to sell our semi-truck and trailer and with no income we lost our home. Hezekiah was very sad and not even my kisses could make him feel better. Grandma let us move in with her while Hezekiah continued to recover, but there was one problem – me.

Grandma was already struggling to make ends meet and had nothing left to spare for my food. Now I was really scared; what would become of me? I needed to stay with my buddy to help him recover; after all we’d been through, I couldn’t leave him now!

Then one day a big bag of food came just for me. Turns out there is an organization in Des Moines that helps pets just like me, who love their families, and whose family loves them, but is short on money.

My heart leapt when I learned I was able to stay with my favorite buddy! He needed me, and I needed him.

For the next six months Hezekiah worked hard to get his strength back and I was right there by his side. I helped him every day and gave him the strength and energy to go from using a walker, to a cane and finally to taking his first steps on his own. The doctors cleared him to get back on the road and I could tell he was overjoyed to have me back in the passenger’s seat!

Without the help of The Pet Project I would have ended up in a shelter. I can’t thank their volunteers and donors enough for making it possible for me to stay with Hezekiah to help him recover so we could get back to work!

So many of the people who come to The Pet Project for help are like Sweetie and Hezekiah – they love each other and are healthier and happier being together, but life has thrown them a curve ball. When we give them a little boost with something as simple as a bag of food, we’re giving them time to get back on their feet.

Please consider a donation to help dogs like Sweetie stay with their best buddy and out of shelters.

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