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Meet Tyler!

As an all-volunteer-run organization, we could not serve Des Moines area pets and their parents without the support of amazing volunteers.

Meet Tyler Redenbaugh, a member of our Board of Directors!

We asked Tyler what his favorite program of ours is:

“The Pet Pantry program. Throughout my late twenties and early thirties, I worked in a career field that had me move over a dozen times. During that time, my only real family was my elderly Cattle Dog, Allie. Between projects, it was tough to afford both Allie’s bills and my own. But I was willing to do whatever I needed to keep her at home because she was family and I would never give her up for adoption.”

“I love the Pet Pantry program because it helps ensure we can provide for a pet’s basic needs while its owner is going through a difficult time. Nobody should have to choose between giving up their pet for adoption and paying the bills, and because of The Pet Project, we make sure some of our neighbors don’t have to make that choice.”

Interested in Joining the Board? We are 100% volunteer-operated and are always in need of people looking to give back to their community. Together we can help keep Iowa pets out of shelters and with the families who love them.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in joining the board or have any questions!

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