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We are 100% volunteer managed and operated so we are always in need of people willing to lend a hand. Please consider sharing your knowledge, skills, talents, interests and time with us! Together we can help keep Iowa pets with the families who love them, and out of shelters.

Job Descriptions

Saturday Pantry Help: 9 am – 2 pm
Help greet clients and fill their orders. You will get a real understanding for the families whom we serve. It is a great way to feel like you did something for the greater good.

Office Helper
Like any business, we have some administrative work that we need to take care of each week to keep things moving smoothly. We call clients to clarify information or fill in missing bits; we file; we check to make sure we’re not running low on anything before the next packing; and we enter information into our computer system. Office helpers work from 1-4 on Wednesdays.


Iowa Pet Alert Administrator

Help us help reunite lost pets with their owners. We need help monitoring and responding to posts and emails. Volunteers shuld be comfortable using Facebook and email. Best of all, this can be done from the comfort of your own home!






Packing Pros
Pack tubs of food for delivery to our animeal clients. You’ll lift bags of dog and cat food and ziploc bags of food. Saturday 9-2. Fun for families!

We transport food to and from our partners who generously donate food to us. Need a large car, SUV or van, and the ability to lift food.

Event Chatters
We’re often invited to have a booth or table at farmers’ markets, pet fairs, and other fun and well-attended events. Help us ‘man’ the station, talking to people about what The Pet Project Midwest does, helping them sign up for more information, giving kids fake tattoos, and in general being a good ambassador for The Pet Project Midwest. It’s fun and it’s easy! Day and time for these vary.

Event Production
We do a lot of fundraising and awareness events and we always need people to plan and do the prep work. If you’re a party planner by nature, or can persuade businesses to support a cause you care about, this is for you!

Paw Pantry Partner Leader
Do you work for a business that likes to get involved? Would you be willing to lead an awareness/food drive at work? We’ll give you everything you need to get started, and even help you brand the event and some activities to your office culture. We have some great ideas to get people involved. Pantry Partners usually ‘claim’ a month and make it their own. Interested?

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